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Written by Author Queen Lea` Marie





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#QUEENSQUOTES is a creatively written book by Queen Lea' Gardner that contains "FOOD FOR THOUGHT" creative pieces and written expressions of her feelings, her perspectives and beliefs in some of the grittiest and raw ways of writing style there is.  Bringing awareness to the Evils of the world, the ugliness of humans and worst of the traumas and tragedies that life tends to dish out!  All the while there are rays of light, sparkling peaks of beauty from the highest mountains and passion that burns the flesh of the sexual beast & entities that exist between two people and the list goes on!  Queen's writing in this book is far different from the rest of her publications and this style will captivate you in ways that will expand your mind, stimulate your body and make you crave more!  This book is a medley of human emotions, desires, secret thoughts and sexual concepts!  

Spicy & Tantalizing Read You Do Not Want to Miss Out on READING!

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