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As a top quality Magazine New Publisher in Columbus, Ohio  we are dedicated to creating content for EVERYONE and with quality but we also do our best to keep our prices competitive. Check out our new publication "Black Opal Magazine" & the publications to coming soon!

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Black Opal Magazine

"BLACK OPAL" Magazine showcases "RAW GEMS" from around the world & their "RARE BEAUTY" & "REAL STORIES" & . . .

The "&" stands for "EVERYTHING" that this unique magazine will cover!  This magazine is exactly what founder & Owner Queen Lea' Gardner believes in & has made it not just her purpose & plight but has built her brand & business around it  with her non profit "Queen Of Queens Productions, Modeling & Management." Our name has become synonymous in helping models/artist/dancers/others in all industries in helping ALL individuals of all sizes, ages, sexual orientation, skin disorders, disabilities & more who have inspirational stories, promotes beauty of ALL types as well as fashion, events & more helping train models, providing modeling opportunities in shows like NYFW & all over the world & more!  "Black Opal" Magazine will be showcasing "CELEBRITIES" "COMMUNITY HERO'S & SHE-RO'S "TRENDSETTERS" & REAL PEOPLE from around the world!  We do our best to ensure our readers & supporters a variety of fantastic content along with unique unlimited edition of creative and artsy individuals that have been hidden from the world!  Allow US to share those "GEMS" with YOU! 

"BLACK OPAL" is a rare & beautiful GEM just like each of US! 

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